What to do if the police want to talk to you
| 17 May

When this happens it can be a tremendous shock, whatever the circumstances. The most important thing to realise is that is not an everyday event and your “conversation” with the police will not be ordinary. The reason the police want to talk to you is very formal and very far from an everyday discussion that you may normally have. The police have received an allegation and they need to explain that allegation to you and then get your response. If

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Where there’s a Will…
| 1 November

It must be the most commonly used title for articles and blog posts about wills and probate, but here the cliche is apt. There are all sorts of clever things lawyers can do in relation to estate planning and succession, but often overlooked by clients is one of the simplest: where is the will? Who has access to it? What if it is not found? Or if it is destroyed? We have come across a number of cases just recently

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