Probate and contentious probate solicitors in Brighton

Probate is the process of administering a person’s affairs after they have died. All assets that they were entitled to need to be listed, scheduled and sometimes this information sent to HMRC to determine if there is any inheritance tax to pay. Our probate and contentious probate solicitors can assist with this.

The complexity and length of a probate can vary. This usually comes down to the assets that form the estate. This could be property, bank accounts, antiques and art or stocks and shares.

We are used to dealing with all types of probates, from very small estates that just need a small amount of administration or legal advice for the executors to multi-million pound estates that have assets in the UK, the rest of Europe or all over the world. We have experience dealing with assets in many different jurisdictions.

Contentious Probate is the situation where a will or the estate of someone who has died is being disputed in some way. This can be by a family member who is not happy with how the will distributes assets, someone who has doubts about the authenticity of the will or disputes between executors as to how the estate should be managed.

We have a great deal of experience in disputing wills, assets, and ownership of property within an estate. Our probate and contentious probate solicitors have acted in large probates that have assets all over the world with executors upset with each other. Families can be torn apart by the disputes as the emotion of losing a loved one doesn’t help with feelings of distrust and suspicions that may already be there.

We can act for you and ensure that a resolution to the dispute is found. That could be ensuring a spurious or speculative claim on an estate is put to bed or making a claim from a beneficiary or executor who is not happy with how probate is being undertaken by someone else. Call us to discuss this further.


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