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Joe prides himself on his ability to get to the heart of the matter and find a workable resolution. In almost a decade with the firm, Joe has covered a very broad range of cases, in particular civil dispute resolution and litigation, specialising more recently in six and seven figure civil fraud actions.

Joe also assists Martin Cray with criminal litigation when a similar analytical approach is required; as well as wills, probate and the law of succession and estate planning.

Joe is well grounded in the community, having only turned to the law in his thirties. Prior to that, he was involved in property development, managing a band, providing learning support at a local sixth form college and raising his children. From these experiences comes an understanding of the legal issues that can arise in different circumstances – and of the fact that disputes are often due to misunderstandings, which can be the key to unlocking a case.

Outside work Joe enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cycling, walking and reading.

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