“Martin Cray & Co’s assembly of experts proved my computer was hacked”

One early morning, the police turned up at my doorstep with a search warrant, came in and took my desktop, my laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone. They told me that allegations have been made that I had indecent images of children on my devices. I told them that was all rubbish but when they had collected all my computers, they arrested me, took me to the police station, and what they told me was truly terrifying.

They had been informed, they would not tell me who by, but I’m assuming it’s a national agency that monitors internet usage, that they had found extreme indecent images of children linked to my IP address.

That was the end of the interview and I simply said that it was nonsense and I have done no such thing. The truly terrifying element was that when they looked on my phone, they indeed found the extreme indecent images of children that they had been talking about. I had absolutely no knowledge of that. Martin instructed a series of computer experts, hacking experts and we found that it was possible for an iPhone to be highjacked or cloned or “taken over”. For a person to use my identity, through my phone, to carry out these illegal activities and with them being completely anonymous and indeed everything looking like it was me – which is exactly the view that the police took.

Martin sent all of these reports to the police and with his help the investigation had a satisfactory conclusion. I suspect, although they never did tell us, that they must have found out through the very deep digging that Martin had done that someone else was involved and that it was not me who had carried out these activities on my phone.

Martin and his team were extremely helpful and compassionate towards me and my family in these frightening times. I simply wanted to thank Martin for his attention to detail and coming up with evidence that ultimately persuaded [the police] not to proceed.

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