Fraud case given no further action ends successful 2018 for Martin Cray & Co.

The final quarter of 2018 was a remarkable success for the Criminal team at Martin Cray and Co.

In the final three months of 2018 alone, we achieved a ‘No Further Action (NFA)’ decision from the police in eight criminal investigations.

During that same period, none of our clients were formally charged by police when we were present during the police interview.

The NFA decision means that the police take the decision to drop the investigation so that our clients did not have to attend court and defend their case.

Attending court is a daunting and unnerving experience and we are proud that we were able to prevent our clients from experiencing this.

Acting as we do in an efficient and proactive manner prevents any further stress to the clients and it also saved those involved thousands of pounds in in continuing legal and courts fees.

Each case had different legal principles to navigate and therefore had different issues to overcome.

The offences that our client had been charged with ranged from alleged rape to alleged motoring offences.

We believe that our attention to detail and being in close and constant conversation with both our clients and the police are key to the success we have had.

As a privately-funded, boutique, litigation firm, we are able to dedicate the time, effort and focus necessary to each and every client to give them the very best chance of success in their case.

If you have a criminal law related issue, please do not hesitate to call us to speak to one of our solicitors on 01273 673226. Alternatively, send us an email at

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