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Dispute Resolution

International dispute resolution solicitors based in Brighton

Martin Cray & Co. has extensive experience in dispute resolution, acting for and against companies in disputes. It may be that another company is threatening to, or already has, taken you to Court. You need to act quickly and engage with the process to ensure that you are not liable for somebody else’s costs later down the line and that the dispute does not get out of control or distract your business from its day to day trading activity.

We can take control of a dispute and assist you in getting the desired resolution. This might be through careful negotiation, mediation or legal action. We will help you deal with this in plain English and ensure that you are in control of the process.
Perhaps you are finding a dispute you feel is spiralling out of your control and you are not sure how you can regain that control that gives you comfort and confidence. We can help you do that even if your matter is at a very advanced stage. We have stepped in and acted for clients after they have had multi-million pound judgements against them and for many clients whose matter was not at this level. Even if your dispute is regarding smaller sum we can ensure that you get the best advice to resolve the situation.

Similarly, you could be in a position where another company or individual is harming your business. It might be a former employee or supplier that used to be on your side but now is not. A company or individual may have caused you loss or continues to harm your business. We can help you stop that and get dispute resolution that you want, whether that is an injunction or damages or even performance of a contract that a party is refusing to undertake.

You never know how simple the solution to your issue could be until you give us a call or message and get the advice that you need.