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If you or a loved one has been arrested, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour emergency number on 07395855445 to secure privately funded specialist representation at the police station.

Please note that we do not offer legal aid and a payment on account of £1,000 + VAT will be required to secure the attendance of a qualified solicitor outside business hours.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Brighton


With so many of us on the planet, it's no wonder than we often find ourselves in dispute with each other, either in a business or personal capacity.

Our experienced dispute resolution solicitors act for individuals in a wide range of disagreements. This could be against a neighbour, business partner or a large organisation. Dispute Resolution is commonly issuing proceedings through the court in order to resolve an issue.  Alternatively, there is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is a voluntary alternative to issuing proceedings.  They consist of adjudication, arbitration, conciliation and mediation – these services can be found here.

Domestic conflict resolution

You may be going through a breakup, or perhaps an arrangement you made with a friend or colleague fell through – regardless, our domestic dispute resolution solicitors will be able to advise on the proper course of conduct so that you can reach an agreement with the other party. You may see your case as being insignificant or trivial, however, if we believe you have a case we will fight for you. Just get in touch.

Dispute resolution for businesses

We are highly skilled in negotiation and have been commended for our attention to detail when reviewing evidence. We work with you to gain an understanding of your case, your agreement and why a dispute has arisen before offering legal advice. Whether you believe you have a case or are being pursued by another business let our trained solicitors guide you.

Dispute resolution for medical misconduct

We also have a great deal of experience of acting in the General Medical Council (GMC) proceedings and a wide range of professional conduct matters. We have acted for various types of practitioners in public and private sector work and assisted them with regulatory advice, in hearings, provide detailed and complex advice and seen the dispute through to a conclusion.

Our trusted dispute resolution solicitors

We have also acted for individuals and families in education law. There may be an issue with a school or University that you need resolving to your satisfaction. Our dispute solicitors have experience in that area and can assist you to ensure that the best course of action for you or your children is undertaken.