A reputation takes a lifetime to build but just a moment to lose.

Our defamation solicitors act for individuals and companies who are concerned about their reputation due to comments on the internet, written publications or electronic communications and through a variety of other mediums who have all seen their name besmirched.

Reputation management is becoming a focus for some businesses, and when comments or criticism is unfounded it’s important to deal with the issue firmly and swiftly.

The law gives you an avenue for redress and we can help you take those steps to perhaps gain an injunction to prevent further distribution; removal of the original content and even financial compensation. Sometimes the comments that you find subjected to can be related to other legal action you are taking to do with a different matter, and you do not like the way your opponents are acting.

Defamation is a specialist and complex area and we ensure that our clients get the best advice. We also work with specialist barristers if needs be, and can arrange appointments and meetings at short notice and at your convenience. We can provide advice as to whether you have a potential case, and take immediate action in the High Court if needs be.


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