Avoid unnecessary stress for your family

Preparing a will is something that everybody should do. They help to manage your affairs whether they are large and complex or simple and small after you have died. Our will writing solicitors can assist you with this.

If you wish to achieve peace of mind and avoid unnecessary stress for your family and friends after you die by ensuring the people or organisation you want to benefit from your assets do so; you need a will. If you do not have one prepared, strictly applied rules will govern just who will get what. This is particularly important for unmarried couples who live together or cohabitees as the law does not automatically recognise them.

Our will writing solicitors will be happy to discuss your wishes, advise on all relevant implications or pitfalls and prepare your new will. You will need to consider the appointment of Executors to handle your Estate after your death, divide your property amongst the beneficiaries and set any conditions. As circumstances change we will be pleased to help on any necessary amendment to your will.

A simple will usually costs around £350 plus VAT. If you and your partner want to make near-identical wills, but of course with the names changed, that usually costs £400 plus VAT for the pa

If your wishes are a little more bespoke, please give us a call to discuss this.


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