Inheritance Tax – Why early planning is essential

In recent figures released by the government it became clearer than ever that early planning for inheritance tax is essential to ensuring your loved ones receive the most of their inheritance when you are gone.

Last year, the government income from inheritance tax hit £5.2 billion – an increase of £388 million from the year before.

Increased house prices and greater life expectancy have resulted in an average increase in estate value, while the threshold for paying inheritance tax (known as the nil-rate band) has not increased and remains are £325,000.

Here at Martin Cray & Co we work closely with specialist accountants and estate planners to ensure that your hard earned assets go to those loved ones left behind.

We also draft bespoke wills that truly reflect your wishes so that your estates can be managed as effectively and smoothly as possible.

We are currently offering reduced rates on both wills and estate planning and would welcome any questions that you may have.

If this service is something we can interest you in, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Solicitors on 01273 673226 or send us an email to

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