Best solicitors in Brighton: Why choose Martin Cray & Co.

Knowing who to trust with your personal matters can be a distressing process. Beyond having to share your situation with a stranger, you also need to trust that they’ll take action in your favour and advocate for you as best they can. We pride ourselves on our approach to every case, choosing empathy and understanding over everything else so we can best get to know you and your situation.


The stark reality is that not all firms of solicitors have the same expertise and the same level of speciality. Even when they do specialise in an area, the type of cases they are doing and the extent of that specialisation may sometimes be limited.

Our firm has extensive specialist areas; we specialise in divorce at all levels; the divorce itself, the ancillary relief for the financial provision. We have done multimillion-pound financial provision cases, we have dealt successfully with complex and difficult contact cases with children. We represented an individual in the biggest care case that came before the British courts that year. 

On the civil litigation side, we deal with all areas of county court, high court and Court of Appeal. We have again dealt with multimillion-pound high court cases.

One of our particular specialist areas and one that has proved very successful is to conduct the case so that you are completely ready to take the case to trial, but when your opposition knows that you are ready to do that, it encourages them to negotiate. From that position of strength, we regularly settle cases that might not otherwise be settled and might go to court with the consequent waste of work, time and cost.

We also deal with professionals and difficulties that can arise in that area; that is with doctors and the GMC, with solicitors and the SRA and with pharmacists and surveyors and other professionals including university professors. We have taken those cases to the Court of Appeal and also one to the Privy Council. 

Another area where we do a significant amount of work is with contentious probates where probate is challenged and we attempt to negotiate that, again on the same basis that the matter is prepared for trial so that we are fully ready but then negotiate to see if that can be avoided.

I do hope that this has given you some ideas to the areas we cover; and the specialist points. But really there is nothing better than to call me and discuss it, so we can look at the particular circumstances and give an initial opinion free of charge.


If you are looking for the best solicitors in Brighton and would like to discuss your situation further please get in contact with Martin Cray & Co. by calling 01273 673226 or emailing

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