Police station interviews: Choose a solicitor you can trust

You may receive a call from an investigator who will invite you in for an interview regarding a case – however, regardless of whether or not you are guilty you should not attend these alone. Even if you have nothing to hide you need a trained solicitor by your side to assist you through the interview process. Police investigators are trained and as such, you will need a professional to ensure you do not implicate yourself during these conversations.


Why choose us for your police station interview?

Have you received a call from the police or found out that the police want to talk to you?

You will most certainly need to take advice and have a solicitor sitting with you while you talk to the police officers, why? Because the police are professionals who are very well trained in the interview process and, you are not.

You have the choice of the duty solicitor scheme or a private solicitor. I used to be on the panel that vetted and approved the duty solicitors, so I know about that aspect. You will understand from our website that we do not offer any legal aid and our services are always privately funded. 

You might ask yourself why you would want to pay a private solicitor as opposed to using the duty solicitor scheme. I suppose the answer is relatively straight forward and it is that if you have an experienced and specialist solicitor giving you advice about what to do and say and sitting with you in the interview, it is more probable that the interview and investigation will turn out better. It’s as simple as that. 

It will probably be useful for you to know that when someone needs to speak with the police, I have been chosen to represent police officers, judges, magistrates, social workers, probation officers, members of the cabinet office, diplomats, bank managers etc, that will give you a flavour and these people don’t choose us for any other reason than that it is more likely that we will be able to assist them in bringing about a successful resolution to the police investigation. 

The interview stage is overwhelmingly important. You will literally be giving evidence, it will be recorded, it will be transcribed, and all the decisions that follow in the police investigation will be based upon what you say. So what you say, what you don’t say, will influence whether or not the police charge you with a criminal offence and take you to the court, or whether they give you a caution or a warning or –  as we obviously want it to get the police to determine this is an NFA matter, no further action, and that this the end of it. 

That is our objective and that is what every single action we do in the case is focused on. 

I hope this is has been useful in your decision whether you want to choose us to represent you at the police station interview – as opposed to using the duty solicitor scheme. 

I suppose it would be wrong of me not to add that some members of the duty solicitor scheme do not have 30 years of experience, some of them will not be truly specialist criminal solicitors and some, in fact, won’t be solicitors at all, as that is allowed under the scheme. 

If I can suggest, if you are in any doubt, or you simply want to discuss what is happening, then give me a call.

If you are looking for a solicitor in Brighton and would like to discuss your situation further please get in contact with Martin Cray by calling 01273 673226 or emailing info@martincray.co.uk

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