“Systemic Failures” in crown disclosure pose a real threat to your right to a fair trial

Twice more this week we have seen criminal trials collapse as a result of woeful breaches of disclosure from the Police, HMRC and the Crown prosecution Service.

The defendant in the below article faced 3 – 6 years in prison before his trial for VAT fraud collapsed once evidence that should have been disclosed was found on an investigating officer’s laptop.


The defendant in the following article faced a possible 5 – 8 years in prison for rape before it was discovered that the alleged victim had made a statement which completely cleared one defendant of any wrongdoing.

This statement was not disclosed and was only discovered after the defence noticed a reference to this statement within a police officer’s investigative notebook.


The sad reality is that arguments over disclosure are occurring in almost all of our criminal defence cases here at the firm.

Now – more than ever – it is vitally important that criminal defence firms protect the defendant’s right to a fair trial and ensure that all disclosable evidence is received.

If you feel a lack of disclosure is effecting your case – please feel free to contact us for more information.

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