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If you or a loved one has been arrested, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour emergency number on 07395855445 to secure privately funded specialist representation at the police station.

Please note that we do not offer legal aid and a payment on account of £1,000 + VAT will be required to secure the attendance of a qualified solicitor outside business hours.

Motoring and Driving Offence Solicitors

Experts in motoring offences

We represent individuals who have been accused of any type of motoring offence, from drink driving, to dangerous driving or driving with no insurance. These driving offences are usually relatively straightforward and they can be taken care of very quickly, but sometimes there are grounds which make the offence much more complicated.


What is a Driving Offence?

A driving offence can be issued for any number of things, from driving while on a mobile device and speeding to driving while intoxicated or being involved in a road traffic incident. If you have been issued with a ticket or the police have asked to speak to you please get in contact with our driving offence lawyers immediately. Having legal representation is essential in dealing with these matters.

Our Motoring Law Solicitors

There’s a reason we have been named the Top 3  Driving Offence Solicitors in Brighton 6 years in a row. We have an excellent track record working with our clients who have been accused of an offence. In the last year, we have successfully defended individuals who were accused of using a mobile phone while driving by demonstrating to the Court – using expert witness – that it was physically impossible for the Police officer to have seen what he claimed; The court found that his evidence could not be believed.

We also attend Court with clients who are planning to plead guilty to a motoring offence and work to mitigate any sentence that may be handed down. These instructions can sometimes be done for a fixed fee cost. Please call us to talk more about it.

Warning – police interviews: If you have been asked to attend a police interview, it is vital that one of our driving offence solicitors attends with you. Please do not think that just because you have “nothing to hide” it is appropriate to face a professional detective, in a recorded interview, alone. Click here for more guidance on attending a police interview.

If you are in any doubt, please call us for expert advice on motoring law in Brighton.