Everything you need to know about speeding tickets

By Martin Cray ON February 19, 2021

Since 2014, Martin Cray & Co. have been named the best solicitors for motoring and driving offences. We have a steady stream of private clients who come to us when they need legal advice and representation in regards to speeding and other driving offences. Our expert speeding ticket solicitors have taken the time to break…

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Martin Cray & Co starting 2021 strong with several “no further action” decisions

By James Yates ON January 19, 2021

Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented across the country – here at Martin Cray & Co we have continued to work hard for our clients and progress their best interests. This hard work has paid off this week with two clients represented in December by Martin Cray & Co solicitors receiving “no further action”…

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child arrangement in brighton

Why is making child contact arrangements so important?

By Donna Robinson ON November 24, 2020

What are child contact arrangements? Child contact arrangements are terms that you and your ex-partner or spouse can either agree independently or with the help of a solicitor and/or via the court. They will set out where your child lives, when your child spends time with each parent and when and what other types of…

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The importance of having legal advice for road traffic and speeding offences

By James Yates ON November 11, 2020

Here at Martin Cray & Co we deal with a full range of criminal allegations and offences but it isn’t all wigs, gowns and the glamourous Crown Court environment depicted on television. A lot of important legal work takes place in the various Road Traffic Courts around the various Magistrates Courts. Within the walls of…

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Worldwide Freezing Order obtained remotely in High Court during lockdown

By James Yates ON August 18, 2020

The team here at Martin Cray & Co have continued to find ways to protect the interests of our clients during this lockdown period. The team – led by Martin Cray himself – successfully applied to the High Court for a Worldwide Freezing Injunction in order to protect our clients interest in a high value…

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Successful July for our private criminal cases

By James Yates ON August 1, 2020

We here at Martin Cray & Co pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully rounded Criminal Defence service ranging from Crown Court trials to driving offences in the Magistrates Court. James Yates concluded a successful July by providing plea and mitigation representation to a client caught driving while more than 3 times the…

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“Martin Cray & Co’s assembly of experts proved my computer was hacked”

By Martin Cray ON July 16, 2020

One early morning, the police turned up at my doorstep with a search warrant, came in and took my desktop, my laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone. They told me that allegations have been made that I had indecent images of children on my devices. I told them that was all rubbish but when they…

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James Yates secures No Further Action on “Covid Fraud” investigation.

By Martin Cray ON July 8, 2020

With so many applications being made for various Covid-19 relief grants, loans ect, a new brand of fraud has emerged – “Covid Fraud”. The investigation centred on whether a business had fraudulently claimed for a Covid relief grant. The business owner was represented by James Yates in a voluntary interview and the decision has now…

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A successful lockdown for Martin Cray & Co clients

By Martin Cray ON July 8, 2020

Despite the Covid-19 crisis and the state of national lockdown, we here at Martin Cray & Co continue to work tirelessly towards achieving positive outcomes for our clients. By effectively utilising remote working capabilities we have ensured that no case gets left behind during these uncertain times. We are working harder than ever to represent…

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divorce in brighton

15 questions you should ask your divorce solicitor before you start 

By Donna Robinson ON July 3, 2020

Before you ask questions such as ‘how much does a divorce cost?’ and ‘how long will the divorce process take?’, there are more important questions you should ask your divorce solicitor in your first meeting. It goes without saying the divorce is a lengthy and expensive process, often fife with emotional conflict and stress, which…

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