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15 questions you should ask your divorce solicitor before you start 

By Donna Robinson ON July 3, 2020

Before you ask questions such as ‘how much does a divorce cost?’ and ‘how long will the divorce process take?’, there are more important questions you should ask your divorce solicitor in your first meeting. It goes without saying the divorce is a lengthy and expensive process, often fife with emotional conflict and stress, which…

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What are Child Arrangement Orders

By Donna Robinson ON June 5, 2020

If parents cannot agree on who should take custody of children then both parties can seek a Child Arrangement Order. This Court Order is usually necessary when there are children present during a separation or divorce where no amicable agreement can be decided. Our child arrangement solicitors can assist with disputes as to who will…

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The truth about divorce: understanding the process

By Donna Robinson ON March 19, 2020

As one of the leading divorce solicitors in Brighton, Martin Cray is keen to share his industry insight into the process of divorce to help clients myth bust some misconceptions around divorce while providing a true insight into the divorce process. Transcription Let me explain some of the simple truth about divorce ancillary relief that’s…

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Worldwide Freezing Order obtained remotely in High Court during lockdown

By jamesyates ON August 18, 2020

The team here at Martin Cray & Co have continued to find ways to protect the interests of our clients during this lockdown period. The team – led by Martin Cray himself – successfully applied to the High Court for a Worldwide Freezing Injunction in order to protect our clients interest in a high value…

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Successful July for our private criminal cases

By jamesyates ON August 1, 2020

We here at Martin Cray & Co pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully rounded Criminal Defence service ranging from Crown Court trials to driving offences in the Magistrates Court. James Yates concluded a successful July by providing plea and mitigation representation to a client caught driving while more than 3 times the…

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The way ‘No further Action’ and Police interviews are changing

By jamesyates ON January 15, 2019

A change in the way the police are dealing with the timing of No Further Actions. As a firm with over 30 years’ criminal law experience, we are alert to changes in the way the police behave at certain points of the investigation process. An example of this is the increased frequency with which the…

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Fraud case given no further action ends successful 2018 for Martin Cray & Co.

By jamesyates ON January 7, 2019

The final quarter of 2018 was a remarkable success for the Criminal team at Martin Cray and Co. In the final three months of 2018 alone, we achieved a ‘No Further Action’ (NFA) decision from the police in eight criminal investigations. During that same period, none of our clients were formally charged by police when…

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A successful lockdown for Martin Cray & Co clients

By Martin Cray ON July 8, 2020

Despite the Covid-19 crisis and the state of national lockdown, we here at Martin Cray & Co continue to work tirelessly towards achieving positive outcomes for our clients. By effectively utilising remote working capabilities we have ensured that no case gets left behind during these uncertain times. We are working harder than ever to represent…

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The Police wish to speak to my child, what do i do?

By Martin Cray ON April 9, 2020

Transcription Hello, I’m James Yates – a Solicitor Advocate at Martin Cray & Co, and I’m going to take a moment to set out the kind of things that can be done as a parent when your child is accused of an offence. The first think to know and remember throughout everything that I will…

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What can I do when I accept that I am guilty of an offence?

By Martin Cray ON April 4, 2020

When you make an admission or plea of guilt this often presents more questions than answers for our clients. However, by working with our leading solicitors based in Brighton you’ll be getting some of the best representation you can in any court of law. Transcription Hello, I am James Yates – a solicitor advocate at…

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