Martin Cray & Co. named top Driving Offence Solicitors in Brighton 4 years in a row

By Martin Cray ON March 12, 2020

We’ve officially been recognised as one of the best driving and motoring offence solicitors here in Brighton since 2016. Thanks to Three Best Rated‘s 50-point inspection which includes local reviews, history, trading standards, ratings, satisfaction, trust, price and their general excellence for the assessment and award: “Martin Cray is a chief advocate and a specialist…

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The way ‘No further Action’ and Police interviews are changing

By James Yates ON January 15, 2019

A change in the way the police are dealing with the timing of No Further Actions. As a firm with over 30 years’ criminal law experience, we are alert to changes in the way the police behave at certain points of the investigation process. An example of this is the increased frequency with which the…

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Fraud case given no further action ends successful 2018 for Martin Cray & Co.

By James Yates ON January 7, 2019

The final quarter of 2018 was a remarkable success for the Criminal team at Martin Cray and Co. In the final three months of 2018 alone, we achieved a ‘No Further Action’ (NFA) decision from the police in eight criminal investigations. During that same period, none of our clients were formally charged by police when…

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Inheritance Tax: Why early planning is essential

By Martin Cray ON August 7, 2018

In recent figures released by the government it became clearer than ever that early planning for inheritance tax is essential to ensuring your loved ones receive the most of their inheritance when you are gone. Last year, the government income from inheritance tax hit £5.2 billion – an increase of £388 million from the year…

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Is privately funded criminal defence worth it?

By Martin Cray ON June 27, 2018

Listen to this BBC investigation before deciding.   Via

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The Realities of the crown prosecution services’ current disclosure crisis

By Martin Cray ON May 15, 2018

I hope you found the BBC programme about disclosure helpful. The extraordinary reality of every police and Magistrates’ Court case at the moment is that disclosure issues arise all the time. What that means in practice is that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service do not send you the documents, the evidence, that they are supposed…

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Sussex students demonstrate outstanding ability in criminal advocacy junior final

By Martin Cray ON May 9, 2018

First year law students at Sussex University demonstrated that the future of the legal profession is filled with outstanding talent when they competed in the Junior Criminal Advocacy final last night. Presented with two tricky sets of papers, the students made well considered bail applications confidently and effectively in front of a panel of judges…

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“Systemic Failures” in crown disclosure pose a real threat to your right to a fair trial

By Martin Cray ON May 2, 2018

Twice more this week we have seen criminal trials collapse as a result of woeful breaches of disclosure from the Police, HMRC and the Crown prosecution Service. The defendant in the below article faced 3 – 6 years in prison before his trial for VAT fraud collapsed once evidence that should have been disclosed was…

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What to do if the police want to talk to you

By Martin Cray ON May 17, 2017

When this happens it can be a tremendous shock, whatever the circumstances. The most important thing to realise is that is not an everyday event and your “conversation” with the police will not be ordinary. The reason the police want to talk to you is very formal and very far from an everyday discussion that…

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What happens if we can’t find a copy of the will?

By Martin Cray ON November 1, 2016

It must be the most commonly used title for articles and blog posts about wills and probate, but here the cliche is apt. There are all sorts of clever things lawyers can do in relation to estate planning and succession, but often overlooked by clients is one of the simplest: where is the will? Who…

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