Why is making child contact arrangements so important?

What are child contact arrangements?

Child contact arrangements are terms that you and your ex-partner or spouse can either agree independently or with the help of a solicitor and/or via the court. They will set out where your child lives, when your child spends time with each parent and when and what other types of contact take place such as facetime, telephone calls, holidays etc.   They will also deal with any specific circumstances that need to be addressed (such as supported or supervised contact sessions).

Why is making child contact arrangements so important?

Without making proper contact arrangements to spend time with and/or live with  your children, you may be at risk of issues arising which may ultimately lead to court intervention. If you don’t have a family law solicitor, now may be the time to instruct one. It’s always advisable that you have one that is familiar with your circumstances so that they can be by your side should you need their expertise now or in the future.  If you don’t you may find yourself working with a solicitor, at the last-minute, that may not have the experience and context they need to adequately fight your case.

I’m getting a divorce, how do I ensure I see my children?

Aside from matrimonial financial remedy settlements, child contact arrangements can be a contentious part of any divorce. Where the divorce is mutual and amicable, child contact arrangements can usually be made with ease, however, we have learned to expect the unexpected. In some cases, an ex-spouse may try to use the children as leverage and push for unreasonable arrangements as a means to gain other assets in the divorce. It can be easy to react and give into these demands when threatened with losing contact with your children, therefore, if you have children with your ex-spouse, you should have an experienced family lawyer with you throughout the process.

There is a history of domestic abuse between me and my partner, what do I do?

When there has been a history of domestic abuse between partners, it’s essential that you have an experienced solicitor by your side so that you can help you navigate through allegations and charges in order to reach a favourable arrangement so that you can see your children. We cannot say for certain what these arrangements might look like ahead of time, but we will push for the best possible outcome, with the aim of enabling you to freely see your children without boundaries or restrictions.

I need someone to assist me last minute, can you help?

Yes, we can. We have a 24 hour emergency contact line that means you can get representation at any time, including last-minute emergencies. Please call 07395855445 from 6pm – 8am for out of hours support, or 01273 673 226 during office hours.

Why choose Martin Cray for Family Law?

We have over 30 years of experience in family law and have assisted people in a range of cases. We know how to handle any circumstances and work tirelessly to get the most desirable outcome for our clients. Please take a look at our services for more information.

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