Business Law Solicitors

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Business law solicitors in Brighton

We can act for you or your company to solve any issues or disputes that you are having. Perhaps another company has caused you loss or harm to your reputation. This is the very nature of business – people and companies disagree about a course of action or a series of events. We can help you or your business overcome those challenges with timely, effective and realistic advice and legal action.

You may be having a partnership dispute with another partner, or issues getting in touch with a former Director or even a dispute with the Board about decisions that are made that you are not happy with. There can be a myriad of ways to settle these issues and bring about a resolution which is effective and satisfactory for you.

If you are unsure about legal action that someone is threatening against you or your company, give us a call, then you can discuss this with one of our lawyers. Sometimes just a little bit of guidance is needed in order to save you or your business a great deal of expense and difficulty in the future.

Similarly, if a company or person owes your business money or has not fulfilled their part of a contract, just give us a call. Solutions to these problems are usually straightforward and simple to keep on top of. Use the law to work for you, not against you.

If you are also after general advice as to how to go about your daily business such as employment and regulatory matters, we can give you advice for that too.


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