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Debt Recovery

Debt recovery solicitors based in Brighton

When a person or business owes you money it can be a headache trying to recover funds. With our expert debt recovery solicitors on your side, we'll work with you to build a case and fight your corner in court to reimburse you for any monies owed.

Our debt recovery experts

We have been commended for our meticulous planning and cross-examinations in court and have an ecellent track record that we’re incredibly proud of.

When it comes to recovering money or assets that you’re owed we know how stressful this can be. Without someone supporting you throughout the process, it can seem like an uphill struggle, which can easily go on for months, even years. That’s why we advise that you get one of our debt recovery experts on board with you straight away to get the ball rolling and reach a resolution as quickly as possible.

As time moves on it can be more and more difficult to recover funds and assets – people move away, change their name or company name, sell assets, file for bankruptcy – but with a trained expert at your side, we can make the right moves as soon as possible to stop these complications arising.

If you need someone to step in and support your please don’t hesitate to give us a call.