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If you or a loved one has been arrested, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour emergency number on 07395855445 to secure privately funded specialist representation at the police station.

Please note that we do not offer legal aid and a payment on account of £1,000 + VAT will be required to secure the attendance of a qualified solicitor outside business hours.


What is the difference between a criminal defence lawyer and a criminal defence solicitor?

Used within the context of criminal law, a defence is what an individual would put forward in defence of their case. We work with you to create a powerful statement, putting you in the best position possible to get the outcome you are striving for. In the case of lawyers, all legal practitioners are lawyers as this is an umbrella term, specifically, however, solicitors are those that oversee criminal cases, go to court, represent clients etc.

We have recently acted on a range of instructions including:

  • Driving offences
  • GBH charges
  • Historic or current sexual abuse
  • Fraud
  • Criminal defence

Martin Cray conducts advocacy himself in the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and has experience in the Court of Appeal and also the Privy Council. We also work closely with local barristers to ensure that the best service and advice is attained.

“I went to Martin Cray to help me solve a serious problem I had spent a couple of months trying to sort out. My solicitor did a fantastic job and got me the result I required within a few days. Hopefully I wont require a solicitor again, but if I do I would not hesitate to use this company.

Why we are a leader in private criminal law

The Criminal Team prides itself on a long list of successful cases – we are clear that clients come to us to win. We regard ourselves as “Trial Lawyers” with extensive experience at the highest level. The firm undertakes agency instructions anywhere in the United Kingdom or the world and has experience of organised crime cases.

Martin Cray holds a Higher Courts Advocacy Certificate (Criminal) and regularly represents clients in Crown Court jury trials.

The firm has particular experience in complex fraud, diminished responsibility in murder and multi-million-pound drug importation and drugs trafficking cases. The firm has acted on single, double and triple murder cases and has obtained acquittals on single and multiple murder charges.

Warning – police interviews: If you have been asked to attend a police interview, it is vital, in our opinion, that one of our private criminal law solicitors attends with you. Please do not think that just because you have “nothing to hide” it is appropriate to face a professional detective, in a recorded interview, alone. If you are in any doubt, please call us.

If the police have been in contact with you

We always strongly advise that if the Police have been in contact with you and asked for you to attend at a Police station or at your home for an interview that you ensure that you have one of our private criminal law solicitors present. We can deal with the Police on your behalf and in advance of the interview. We are regularly able to obtain further advance disclosure from the Police then they would normally be able to disclose directly to someone who was called to interview and we are able to give you details and bespoke advice in advance of that interview with the Police. If you have been contacted by the Police and asked to attend an interview, give us a call as soon as possible as it is imperative that you do not go to any interview alone.

We can also act for you if your matter is further down the line. There might be an upcoming Court appearance or you may want a change of solicitor. If you want to talk about this, please just get in touch.

Martin Cray & Co were a very real and steady rock, ever-knowledgeable, approachable, forthright and always on time with documents and advice, too.