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Assault solicitors in Brighton

Have you been assaulted?

If you have been assaulted or abused by a stranger, colleague or family member? Then it’s essential that you have an experienced assault solicitor by your side. Our Brighton based solicitors have the empathy, integrity and drive to help you build a case against your aggressor, to gain the compensation you are entitled to. Our solicitor’s attention to detail and confidence in presenting compelling evidence is essential to the success of your case.

lease do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are just a phone call away and are ready to hear from you.

Have you been accused of assault?

You are just as entitled to legal representation as your accuser, and we advise that you choose a lawyer with experience in private criminal defence. Whether you are guilty or not, we will work with you and the prosecution team to give you the justice and fair trial you deserve.

We do not judge. We look at facts and we fight for the best possible outcome for your situation. We pride ourselves on our empathy and case building – regardless of your need for a prosecution or defence solicitor.

Please don’t feel like you have to face this alone. We are here to help. Call out Brighton legal team now.

Public order offences

There are also other offences which can be charged in relation to other events around a potential incident to assault; for instance a public order offence or disturbing the peace.

We have experience assisting individuals who have been accused of all of these offences and can give you the best advice in whatever situation you are in.

NOTE: If you have been asked to attend a police interview, it is vital, in our opinion, that one of our assault solicitors attends with you. Please do not think that just because you have “nothing to hide” it is appropriate to face a professional detective, in a recorded interview, alone. If you are in any doubt, please call us.