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Child Arrangement Order Solicitors

Solving child arrangement disputes with your former partner

If parents cannot agree on who should take custody of children then both parties can seek a Child Arrangement Order. This Court Order is usually necessary when there are children present during a separation or divorce where no amicable agreement can be decided. Our child arrangement solicitors can assist with disputes as to who will look after the children when, and also help to agree on a schedule with your former partner if needs be.

A ‘child arrangements order’ decides:

  • where your child lives
  • when your child spends time with each parent
  • when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, for example)

In some instances you may have heard this being referred to child custody, particularly in the case of a divorce, however within law, this is referred to as child arrangement, and these orders replace residence or contact orders.

There are also orders available which deal with a specific issue in respect of the child, for example: what school they should attend, religion, taking your child abroad if a person with parental responsibility will not give permission.

Our Brighton-based child custody solicitors also have experience in processing a Special Guardianship Order should a Child Arrangement Order be unsuitable or social services deem it necessary.

To learn more about child arrangement orders please see our blog.

“Thank you for all your help. Donna, you have been a great support throughout the whole process – it couldn’t have been done without you.” Name withheld, Contact Arrangements

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice I could never of managed any of this without you I can’t thank you enough”,  Name withheld, Contact Arrangements

Special Guardianship Order

When deciding on who will have custody of a child, a Special Guardianship Order can provide a child with a more permanent status. There are many people who provide children with care, for example: foster carers or those from the child’s family, such as grandparents and brothers and sisters, even friends of the family, all of whom could become the child’s Special Guardian subject to being over 18 years of age.

We can advise and assist you through the various steps that need to be taken and liaise with the local authority to carry out the necessary reports that need to be considered when making an application for a Special Guardianship Order.

Assisting in cases with social services

We can also act in cases where the local authority is considering taking action against you or your family because of concerns they may have about the welfare of children. We can help you through the process or, of course, dispute it.

For those in the Brighton and wider Sussex area, we can, if it is an emergency, get into Court that day.

Our Child Arrangement Order solicitors in Brighton deal with all disputes in relation to Child Arrangement Orders, including who the child will live with, contact with the non-resident parent, specific issues and prohibited steps. Contact us today.