How will your debt be recovered?

There are a number of ways that your debt recovery solicitor can work with involved parties to recover debts:

  • a Court can make an order against someone for a share of their pay to go directly to you from their employer
  • obtain an order that goods are sold on their behalf or freeze money in a bank account so that it can be transferred to you by way of a third-party debt order
  • obtain freezing orders or injunctions

How long will the debt recovery process take?

There are a number of variables involved and every case will be different. We know that chasing debts can be as emotionally exhausting as it is time-consuming and but by having your debt recovery solicitors based in Brighton you’ll be able to work closely with your dedicated solicitor to ensure you are kept in the loop. Unlike other firms, we strongly believe in the power of our clients having a local legal team around them to help ease the process by maintaining strong communication.

If you need a debt recovery solicitor in Brighton then please give us a call and to discuss how we can help you realise your debts owed.