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Partnership Matters Solicitors

International partnership matters solicitors based in Brighton

If you are looking to form a partnership, exit one, are in a dispute with a fellow partner and need assistance, give us a call. We can arrange for expert advice for all partnership matters.

Resolving Partnership Disputes

Section 1 of the Partnership Act 1890 defines a partnership as two or more individuals who carry on a business with a view to a profit. You may think that as a “silent partner” you may not be liable for debts or liability of a partnership, but that might not be the case. We can assist you in protecting yourself to the desired degree and set you up so that your business is ready to thrive. If you are currently a partner and are looking to move on or are not sure about your position and would like some certainty as to how you own your business, please get in touch. We are experienced in dealing with these types of situations and can give advice to help you and your business get on back to work.

Our experienced partnership solicitors

The last thing desired for most partnerships is bad feeling or contentious behaviour – but sometimes it is simply unavoidable. If you are experiencing a dispute or feel that one is imminent, early intervention and taking control of the situation is always advisable. Letting something drag on and not dealing with a problem is never the best course of action. Not dealing with an issue head-on will only lead to greater expense, difficulty and acrimony later on and so it is far better to grasp the nettle. Contact us to discuss your partnership matters.