Sexual allegation solicitors in Brighton

We have a great deal of experience of dealing with allegations of a sexual nature from Police interview up to Crown Court trial. These type of offences range from allegations regarding possession of images of child abuse; misconduct with minors; misconduct involving a current or ex-partner; sexual assault and rape.

These investigations often start with a Police interview and this interview takes on a more significant position than in other cases simply due to the nature of allegations. We have vast experience in these interviews and often manage to end an investigation before any charge, after an effective interview.

Be treated with compassion

Regardless of your position, we treat everyone with understanding and dignity. We take the time to listen to your testimony and explore avenues to help your case. Being involved in a sexual allegation case is an extremely difficult time for those involved, but we pride ourselves in approach, standing by our clients throughout the process.

Whether you need a local sexual allegation solicitor in Brighton or someone to represent you nationally, our experts are here to help. Call us now.