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Will Writing Solicitors in Brighton

Avoid unnecessary stress for your family

Everyone should have a will prepared - it offers peace of mind to your family after your death and ensures you have control of the allocation of your assets. Regardless of the size of your estate or your relations with your family, you should seek to speak to one of our trained will writing solicitors.

Our will writing services

We strongly advise our clients that they should have a will prepared so that their estate and assets can be properly allocated and managed after their death.

Losing a loved one is an extremely emotionally testing time, this is made even more complicated when there is no will present and where disagreements between assets and the estate arise. Knowing this, we work alongside our clients to ensure every consideration is made and asset accounted for. We strive to make the process of writing and executing a will as least stressful as possible.

Why do you need a will writing solicitor?

Wills can be complex – we do not advise that you use a ‘write your own will kit’ as they are often open to scrutiny and do not guarantee that your wishes will be carried out. With a will writing solicitor on your side, we can oversee the appointment of your chosen Executors who will handle your estate after death.

In choosing to work with an expert will writing solicitor, we can work with you and your family to help maintain relations during, what can be, a complicated and contentious time.

For those who are unmarried and cohabiting with a partner it is essential that you have a will as by default the law does not recognise cohabitees as your next of kin.

Our will writing solicitors

We have been commended for our empathy and understanding during legal matters, particularly in the case of wills. We are proud of our approach and have been praised for our manner throughout the will writing process, execution of wills and cases of contentious probate.

We take the time to properly account for all assets and stipulate any conditions set by the will writer. We’re happy to handhold you throughout the process as we understand that writing a will can be a difficult and emotional process.

If at any point your wishes or circumstances change we will be on hand to help amend your will and look to support you whenever you need either action or just advice.

A simple will cost £350 plus VAT. If you and your partner want to make near-identical wills (also known as mirror wills), with the names changed, this will be priced at £450 plus VAT for the pair.

Although we offer will writing in Brighton we have clients nationwide, so if you need wills solicitor or if your wishes are a little more bespoke, please give us a call to discuss this.