Martin Cray & Co starting 2021 strong with several “no further action” decisions

Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented across the country – here at Martin Cray & Co we have continued to work hard for our clients and progress their best interests.

This hard work has paid off this week with two clients represented in December by Martin Cray & Co solicitors receiving “no further action” conclusions to their matters within 1 week of their interviews.

These decisions will allow these individuals to start the new year without the stress of the allegations against them hanging over their heads

Both clients took time to thank Martin Cray and his team for their care and attention in the swift resolution of their cases.

On each occasion, clients were interviewed outside of regular business hours by taking advantage of the “out of hours” contact facility that was launched in November and we are delighted that this new facility is already yielding positive results for our clients.

We will continue to offer this “out of hours” facility regardless of lockdown and we will continue to work hard for the benefit of our clients.

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