Martin Cray & Co. named top 3 solicitors in Brighton

Today ReviewSolicitors named Martin Cray & Co one of the top 3 solicitors in Brighton – crediting our perfect 5-star rating.

The team are chuffed by the rating and should be commended for their hard work and commitment to their clients across Private Criminal, Family Law, Business Law and Private Law.

We have often been praised by our clients for our professionalism and sensitivity – as well as our robust and rigorous examination of evidence and superior representation in court.

What have our clients said?

“Without Martin and his team, I would have felt hopeless. The level of professionalism and how easily approachable they were was so welcome. I just wanted to thank Martin and his team for all the help and reassurance to my family. I could not be more grateful.” Name withheld, private criminal defence case

“Martin and his team were extremely helpful and compassionate towards me and my family in these frightening times. I simply wanted to thank Martin for his attention to detail.” Name withheld, Private criminal defence case

“I wanted to say how grateful I am to Martin and his team for being so incisive. But for their hard work I don’t think that the police would’ve looked at it sufficiently closely to realise what was happening.” Name withheld, Private criminal defence case

Our team

Martin Cray brings well over 30 years experience to Martin Cray & Co and has been dedicated to hand-picking experts solicitors to support their growing client-base. As well as bringing onboard seasoned solicitors, Martin ensures that his firm offers opportunities to first-class graduates who show a penchant for Criminal, Family and/or Business law. With such a talented group of solicitors, it’s no wonder that Martin Cray & Co are one of the top law firms in Brighton.

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