ASD/ADHD/Bipolar – the legal system

My colleagues and I have, for many years, had the privilege of being able to assist young people who have autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and bipolar disorder. 

Overwhelmingly this would be young men and boys between the ages of 12 and 25. As we know these disorders significantly effect personality and in particular social skills. My experience over the years is that the deficit in the social skills often lead those young people into potential criminal activity which in truth they are wholly unaware of and in reality, wholly innocent of. 

Examples of the types of cases we are involved in, which we work on every single working day, are illegal images on computers where the individual simply is not aware of the illegality or has been drawn into their illegality as a result of being so exceptionally lonely consequent on the lack of social skills. 

Another example involves puberty and the development of sexual interest, sometimes delayed sometimes not. Where the expression of the sexual interest, the wish and need to have a close friend is simply either extremely difficult or impossible as a result of lack of social skills. Then when attempts are made, those are often misunderstood, and allegations of a sexual nature are made. 

My colleagues and I meet with you, assess the situation, from over thirty years of experience. We prepare you for the interview with, if necessary, the police and then attempt to persuade the police or such other authority that the medical and psychological aspects do not warrant a continuation of the investigation or a prosecution.

I would also like to say my invariable experience, sadly, is that very many of the young people that I see have never had a formal diagnosis or guidance or treatment of any kind. One can only imagine the kind of confusion and lack of awareness that induces and the difficulties that can arise. One of the first steps I take is to refer the individual to a Harley Street consultant psychiatrist who specialises in exactly this area. A formal diagnosis can take place and of course be given to the police so that they can take that into account when considering whether, a prosecution is necessary.

If I can help please do not hesitate to give me a call and I can assure you of a caring and understanding response.

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